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Get the 411 on Painless Root Canals in Yuba City!

September 20, 2017

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woman with dental pain Root canals are the taboo treatment that no patient wants to undergo. It may be the bad wrap that they’ve had from ancient dental practices. Back then, sure almost all dental treatments were painful.

But with the modern advancements in dentistry, almost any dental treatment can be completed painlessly—including root canals. In fact, root canals are one of the many treatments that solve dental pain, not cause it. If you have the wrong perception of root canals in Yuba City, your dentist is here to set the record straight.

Root Canals Myth Busted

Root canals are performed to save a dying tooth from becoming further infected. This actually stops your existing dental pain and prevents the spread of infections.  That’s really what causes the pain, sensitivity, and swelling—the infection—not your dentist or the procedure itself.

Patients that ignore the need for a root canal will eventually suffer even more painful consequences. Your teeth will start to decay all the way from the root of your tooth below the gum line and eventually fall out because the roots can no longer survive the infection.

Basically, root canals remove the infection and fill the tooth with a biocompatible material. To complete a root canal, your dentist in Yuba City will then fills the tooth with a biocompatible material and seals the area with a tooth-colored dental crown. The dental crown will keep your tooth from getting infected again in the future.

Red Flags That Signal You Need a Root Canal

There are telltale signs of tooth infections, and unfortunately, most of them are uncomfortable or downright painful. The best way to relieve your tooth pain is to remove the infectious materials and restore your tooth to full health.

You will be able to feel or see symptoms like these if you have an infected tooth:

  • An abscess, or a hole in the jaw bone. Usually, your dentist can spot this during dental x-rays.
  • A fistula is a white, yellow, or red pimple-looking bump that appears on your gum line filled with infectious liquid.
  • Positional pain is tooth pain that occurs when you lie down or suddenly stand up.
  • Referred pain is dental pain that not only occurs in your tooth but another part of your body, like your jaw, ear, neck, or surrounding teeth.
  • Spontaneous pain is tooth pain that occurs from a stimulus, like a hot or cold drink.

If you notice any of these red flags, it’s time to reach out to your dentist for help cleaning out that infection from your teeth.

Meet Your Doctor

As the son of other health professionals, Dr. Sekhon has grown up and always had a passion for helping patients reach their optimal health. Since opening Fit Dental in 2011, Dr. Sekhon has been able to do just that. He understands that patients have the ability to choose any dentist they want, and truly shows his appreciation for loyal patients by providing top-notch dental care. If you would like to speak to our expert dentist, feel free to call our Yuba City office.


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