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Five Reasons to Get Invisalign in Yuba City

October 31, 2018

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pair of clear aligners

Invisalign in Yuba City is an effective alternative to traditional braces for adults with misaligned teeth. Invisalign aligners are removable, low-profile, and effective. Most patients can complete Invisalign therapy in as little as six months.


The Top 4 Advantages of Invisalign in Yuba City

September 18, 2018

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Beautiful straight smileEveryone who survived middle and high school remembers at least a few classmates who wore braces. Sometimes, unfortunately, those kids were picked on because of the metal brackets on their teeth. Now, as an adult, the visual aesthetics of metal braces combined with those childhood memories may make you wary of exploring options to fix the flaws in your smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a way to straighten your teeth without unsightly wires and brackets. Below are the top 4 advantages of Invisalign in Yuba City compared to conventional braces.


5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist in South Yuba City If You Need a Crown

July 6, 2018

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A dental crown.When patients are told they need a dental crown, it can be quite alarming at first. Dental crowns imply that your natural tooth has suffered from significant damage and needs a restoration to prevent future oral bacteria from reaching your vulnerable pulp. However, you wouldn’t be doing your due diligence if you didn’t ask questions along the way, according to your dentist in South Yuba City.

To make sure that a dental crown is right for you, ask your dentist these five questions before beginning treatment.


The Commonly Used Types of Dental Crowns

June 11, 2018

Dental restorations prior placementIf you need a dental crown to repair damaged or decayed smiles, protect root canal treated teeth, or even replace a missing tooth, you may not know that these restorations are available in a variety of materials. In this post, we’ll review some of the most popular dental restoration materials, but the only way to know which is right for your unique situation is to schedule a restorative dentistry consultation with a trusted dentist. You can review your current situation, discuss treatment options, and plan to recreate a flawless, healthy smile.

Root Canal Info You Need from a Dentist in South Yuba City

May 11, 2018

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woman dental visitIf you’ve just learned from your dentist in South Yuba City that you need a root canal, a million and one things may be racing through your mind. Is it going to hurt? Should I get a second opinion? What do I do after a root canal?

Don’t worry—your dentist is here to address your concerns in this week’s blog post. Plus, you can always give them a quick call to address your concerns!


Can a Dentist in Yuba City Fix A Failing Root Canal?

April 13, 2018

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man dental painYou might think that you’re able to handle a little dental pain, but really—it should never be ignored. Why? Dental problems can take to show painful symptoms, even years to fester and leave you in discomfort. This is a clear sign from your body that you need help from your dentist in Yuba City!

If you were to ignore your dental pain rather than talking to your dentist about it, you could risk losing your natural teeth because of an abscessed tooth—or infected tooth. However, if you get the treatment you need early on—like an effective root canal—you could just save your natural smile. Learn more about effective root canals, failing root canals, and what to do when this happens in this week’ blog post.


Confused About Dental Implants in Yuba City? There’s Help for You!

March 3, 2018

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woman preparing to bite into appleFor years, you’ve been suffering from missing teeth, which has translated into lost function and confidence. You desperately seek a path to regain the way of life that seems like a far-gone memory now. The most effective type of restoration that you’ve learned about is the procedure to insert dental implants in Yuba City, but you’re confused by the associated terminology. You wonder, “Can these words be simplified?” Your local dentist says, “Yes they can!”


4 Tips When Shopping for Dental Implants in Yuba City

February 6, 2018

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dental mirror on moneyWhen living with tooth loss, your quality of life and confidence were lost along with your teeth. Now, you no longer smile as brightly due to insecurities about your appearance while you also miss eating many of your favorite foods because they have become too difficult to chew. You have likely tried traditional dental prosthetics; however, they did not give you the results you wanted. To regain the next best thing to your natural teeth, you are ready for dental implants in Yuba City. To complete your smile, there are many excellent options in the area, but which is best? When shopping for dental implants, there are several important factors to consider.

Skip Dental Tourism for Your Dental Implants in Yuba City

January 4, 2018

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Inside of an airportIf you need a costly procedure, like a root canal or dental implants in Yuba City, you may be considering Dental Tourism to save you money. In 2013, the Patients Beyond Boarders estimated that more than 500,000 Americans traveled to another country to get the dental care they needed as it can be more affordable. In fact, you can save as much as 70% on health care costs by having treatments performed in Thailand. As a result, it may seem like the perfect solution, but is it safe? If you ask your dentist, they will likely recommend that you stay in the United States to get the care you need because Dental Tourism is risky business.

Spotting the Signs of Failing Dental Implants in Yuba City

November 2, 2017

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An illustration of a dental implant.You’ve just received your dental implant in Yuba City and you couldn’t be happier with your smile. The day after your treatment is complete, you decide to share lunch with a close friend and find out they also had an implant treatment done; unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well for them.

They tell you the implant failed to fully integrate with their jawbone and it’s got you thinking. “How do I know if my implant is on track to stay healthy? What are the signs that something is wrong?” you wonder. Read on to learn the causes and signs of dental implant failure. (more…)

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