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Crowns & Bridges – Yuba City, CA

Rebuild Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Image of all-ceramic crown from dentist in Yuba City.

Your teeth are important for more than just a beautiful smile. They also support your oral health and functions. It’s essential they stay strong and healthy for a lifetime. If you have damaged or missing teeth, we can restore your smile back to its previous state using crowns or bridges. Your dentist in Yuba City, Dr. Sekhon uses the latest innovations in dentistry to create restorations that look natural. They will blend in with your remaining teeth, so you can smile, speak, and chew confidently.

What are Dental Crowns?

Finger holding an all-ceramic crown.

A dental crown is a custom-made cap that’s placed over the entire visible surface of a tooth to the gum line. They are often used to treat a tooth with a large area of decay or a significant break. They can also be used along with other treatments as well, like root canal therapy or bridges.

When you picture a crown, you might be envisioning a dark restoration. Although they were typically made of metal, all-ceramic material is used to make crowns because it closely mimics your enamel. When compared to metal restorations, all-ceramic crowns are equally durable to last for a decade or longer with the right aftercare.

What are the Benefits of Crowns?

Image of all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

Crowns are widely used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry because they offer a variety of benefits, including:

What are Dental Bridges?

Woman in dental chair after getting bridge and crowns.

A fixed bridge is the most traditional solution to replace 1 or more missing teeth in a row. An impression of your mouth is taken to recreate the portions of your lost teeth visible above the gum line. It’s held in place by reshaping the adjacent teeth to bond dental crowns over them.

The bridge and crowns are customized to meet your exact specifications to look natural. They’ll restore your ability to smile confidently and chew a variety of foods while also preserving your remaining teeth. With the right care, your bridge can last 7-10 years before needing to be replaced.

What are the Benefits of Bridges?

In as few as 2 appointments, you can replace your missing teeth with a bridge and crowns. Overall, a fixed bridge provides several advantages, including:

Do I Need a Crown or Bridge?

If you have a damaged tooth, you can help save it from an extraction with a dental crown. Maybe you’ve lost a tooth or two over the years? We can replace your missing teeth with a fixed bridge. If you’re ready to invest in a healthy, functional smile, it’s time to contact our office to schedule your consultation. Dr. Sekhon will evaluate your needs and discuss your concerns to create a customized treatment plan to rehabilitate your smile.

Crowns & Bridges FAQs

woman putting toothpaste onto an electric toothbrush

Restorative dental treatments like dental crowns and bridges are a great method of improving your oral health as well as the way your smile looks. However, our team wholeheartedly believes that it’s always best to learn as much as you can about a dental treatment before going through with it. To help you make a more well-informed and confident decision regarding the health of your smile, we’ve included this section below with the answers to some frequently asked questions about dental crowns and bridges.

How Do I Care for My Crown or Bridge?

After your smile has been repaired by a dental bridge or dental crown in Yuba City, you’ll still need to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash every single day, as well as see us at least twice a year for a routine checkup and cleaning. While the restoration itself isn’t susceptible to cavities, the underlying and surrounding teeth certainly are, which is why diligent oral hygiene is still important. We also recommend that you avoid chewing particularly hard or sticky foods, such as gummy candies, hard nuts, and popcorn kernels, with your crown or bridge. Doing so could loosen or even dislodge your restoration entirely.

What Does the Process of Getting a Crown or Bridge Look Like?

After your consultation, receiving a dental crown or bridge usually takes just two appointments. During the first of these visits, we may need to prepare your tooth or teeth that will support the restoration by removing a small layer of enamel. Then we capture impressions of that area of your mouth, which the dental lab uses to create your personalized crown or bridge. To protect your smile in the meantime, we may place a temporary restoration. A few weeks later, you’ll see us again for a shorter visit, in which we exchange your temporary for a flawless, custom-made crown or bridge.

Does It Hurt to Get a Crown or Bridge?

Before preparing your tooth or teeth, you’ll be given a local anesthetic to numb the area of your mouth we’ll be working on. While you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, it’s normal for your mouth to be sore for the next few days. Simply take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen as needed. There may also be some discomfort when switching your temporary out for your permanent restoration, but this is typically very brief.

How Many Missing Teeth Can a Bridge Replace?

A dental bridge in Yuba City can replace up to four missing teeth in a row. However, bridges rely on the support of your surrounding teeth to stay in place. If those teeth are not strong enough to accommodate a bridge, you might be a better candidate for a partial denture or implant-retained bridge instead.

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